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Drake Stinson


Drake Stinson is a distinguished and seasoned professional Engineer, occupying a pivotal role as one of our esteemed Lead Engineers. With an extensive career spanning decades, he exhibits unmatched expertise in guiding both our Shop Drawing and Construction teams. Furthermore, Drake takes charge of managing our large and intricate projects, demonstrating his exceptional prowess in overseeing complex ventures.

Steven L. Dobbs


In the capacity of Engineering Director for our Florida state branch, Steven L. Dobbs, F.B., P.E., brings to the table a wealth of experience that has proven to be instrumental in our impressive growth and success in Florida. His profound knowledge of the state intricacies plays a pivotal role in our ability to establish and maintain a remarkable line of business in the region.

Richard E. Oberman


Since joining Newlines in 2016, Richard E. Oberman, P.E., has admirably assumed the role of a senior figurehead, adeptly leading and nurturing our younger engineers. His profound expertise in the realm of grading and drainage has been a driving force behind the achievements of our New Jersey branch.

Christopher Bouffard

Professional Land Surveyor

As the esteemed Director of our Survey Team, Christopher Bouffard is renowned for pioneering the establishment of our survey department. Embodying leadership and skill, Chris has been instrumental in steering his team with finesse on a daily basis, and continues to provide invaluable guidance to newly appointed crews.

Jason Burneyko


Jason Burneyko stands out as one of our most accomplished engineers, consistently delivering exemplary performance. His contributions extend across diverse responsibilities, from proficiently managing extensive development sites to ensuring the meticulous finalization of drawings. We eagerly anticipate a promising and enduring future for Jason within the ranks of Newlines.

Glenn Lines


As the Founding Engineer and Director of Engineering for our New Jersey office, Glenn Lines, P.E., is a visionary leader whose profound expertise in soils and grading has been instrumental in driving the growth and success of our company across multiple levels.

Joshua B. Brown


Bringing a wealth of experience in Civil, Structural, and Forensic engineering to our Florida branch, Joshua B. Brown assumes the role of a dynamic leader poised to guide our team based out of West Palm Beach. We eagerly anticipate the impact of his leadership on our continued growth and prosperity.

Yehuda Back


As our newest P.E. in NJ, Yehuda plays a vital role in enhancing our team’s capabilities and ensuring the delivery of top-notch engineering services. Yehuda has helped train our newer staff, and heads our FE training program as well. Yehuda’s technical precision and attention to detail contributes to maintaining the highest standards of engineering excellence we are recognized for.

Moshe Hoffman

Design Engineer

An exemplary senior team leader within our engineering staff, Moshe Hoffman adeptly manages a diverse range of projects while providing invaluable mentorship to younger staff members. His exceptional ability to balance multiple responsibilities sets a benchmark for excellence within our organization.

Shlomo Zorger

Design Engineer

Shlomo demonstrates outstanding competence in managing a diverse portfolio of projects. His invaluable mentorship, particularly in the field of Soil Erosion, has significantly contributed to the professional growth of our younger staff members. Shlomo’s ability to balance multiple responsibilities positions his team at the forefront of Newlines’ services.

Tova Perlman

EIT Texas State

Tova has exhibited remarkable professional growth. Tova began in our Lakewood NJ corporate office, and has since relocated to Texas, representing our growth in the Dallas Worth area. With a strong background in grading and drainage, Tova is well-equipped to excel in her current role. Her involvement in coordinating complex large-scale projects has honed her expertise and placed her in an ideal position to succeed in meeting our clients’ diverse engineering needs.